KFOT Air Checks

Again, No claim of quality recording or even quaiity programing. Just air checks as we get em. We're begging for airchecks. If you've got some, lay it on  me

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The Covers Show  2003 (I think)
Gearmans criteria: either its good enough to be good or its bad enough to be good.

The FOT Golf Tournament
This was a long time ago. If anybody knows what year, lemme know.
These old ones are scoped for the most part. Sometimes someone would let one go for a whole song, but not often.

Ranger Rons Bombs FOT
This is a classic. It's also about an hour long.

Trout 85
Starts out with some really stoned guitar playing and singing. Ranger Ron is in great form but the tape worbles a few times. Degrades into a bunch of drunks stumbeling around a fire. If your patient, their are some pretty funny moments. Also about an hour long.

KFOT Hostile Take-Over 2003 ( I think)
Come on, it was the fuckin  Bay City Rollers ... we had no choice.

Corky Bloopers Show 2003
No one was more entertained than Corky.

KFOT Aircheck from 03 or 04
The young guys show some great taste. Mostly Bowie and Elvis Costello. About 1/2 an hour.

In 05 Gonzo showed up with this cool little compact flash recorder. The links below are all recorded with this thing. 

Stereo Wars from 05
Gonzo and friends were camped next to some kind of east-euro assholes with bad taste in music.

The Big Storm
Gonzo took a walk and recorded that big storm while the rest of us were safely smoking crack in our tents.