Weird - Ass Videos

No real logic here. Just things that are strange enough to be shared with fellow trouters.

These are not intended to be streaming. Download them, then watch them after you've downloaded. SOME OF THESE ARE HUGE so don't plan on a real "user friendly" experience if you don't have high speed internet.

A word about File Formats: Most of these are windows media video files and should work if you have a windows media video player installed. The others are mpegs. Once in a blue moon there might be an avi or a Quicktime or something. If your machine won't play these, go watch tv, its probably more your speed anyway.

 If you've got some, lay it on  me

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1meg Download Butt Rocket
My god we've been stupid but never THIS stupid.

LSD In the Desert
Tenacious D (Jack Black) reinacts Trout.

2megs Download German Coast Guard
This is a tv spot for a company that teaches  folks in Germany to speak better English.

3 megs Download Bush Impersonation
NOBODY does W as well as Frank Caliendo from Mad TV. Its perfect.
3 megs Download Monthly Man
The sensitive guy.
1meg Download German Family
2nd in the series of spots to help Germans speak better english.

1meg Download Streaker
Not your usual streaker video. This chick caught em completely off guard.

4megs Download Yes Yes Yes
The poor bastard. You'd feel the same if you were him.

1meg Download Short Boxing Match
Opps. Got a little too cute for his own good. aka "Brokeback Boxing"

2,189 kb
The 405
One of the best ever. Some young film makers from LA did this one.

621 kb
Download African Fast Food Delivery
Just what it says

1,381 kb
Download Sick Dog?
Reno 911 bit

Download Bad Day
Ya gotta love this guy. He does what all of us have wanted to at some point.

3,255 kb
Download Ballpark
Where were these girls when I was dating?

1,872 kb
Download Beer Stand
That fat kid on the man show.

1,811 kb
Download Bike Fight
 Them furr-in-ers take their bike'n seriously.

1,421 kb
Blind Date
You've seen it, but its still good.

302 kb
 Download Cat with fan
Call me gay but I like cats, and I usually don't like seeing bad things happen to them. This is cruel and should not be considered funny ... but it is.

1,597 kb
 Download Chris Rock
The quality of this video is awful, but its still mighty funny!

1,328 kb
Download Cowboy
Man this is some sick shit.

2,143 kb
Download Dildo Song
Chicks singing about dildos.

2,617 kb
Download Donkey
Perhaps the new trout initiation?

2,151 kb
Download Family Feud Show
A moment this gal won't ever forget.

1,774 kb
Download Farting
At some point we all have "game".

1,261 kb
Download Flying Jaws
The old broad shouldn't have been sky diving in the first place.

2,721 kb
Download Fruitcake Lady
If you've never seen this is old woman on Leno, damn ... she's funny.

2,743 kb
Download Fruitcake Lady 2
More of the above.

2,782 kb
Download Funny Cats
Some of these are great.

3,581 kb
Download Geburtstagsfeier
You don't need to speak the language.

1,119 kb
Download Life Guard In The Pool

3,242 kb
Download Lion
Warning. This is a video of a guy shooting a lion. Its disturbing to me, but its posted here because of the shot the lion gets in. You'll be rooting for the lion.

857 kb
Download My Love
Great editing on some "dubaya" clips.

1,318 kb
Download Report from Iraq

1,783 kb
Download Beaning a bird
Randy Johnsons famous blast to a bird with a 100mph fast ball. You know how bird loose all their feathers in cartoon explosions? Check out the bird before he hits the ground.

757 kb
Download Dog Skates

1,920 kb
Download This Old Whore House
All right Norm!

2,414 kb
Download Why Middle Easterners Throw Rocks
Perhaps my favorite video.

Great TV Spots!

3,910 kb
Download Auction 
1,338 kb
Download Ballet

2,665 kb
Download Basketball
Reminds me of James clearing out the KFOT studio when the
Bay City Rollers were there.

421 kb
Download Beaver

1,005 kb
Download Beer

668 kb
Download Beirbitch

3,043 kb
Download Gym Commercial
Damn those Euros know how to make TV good.

4,957 kb
Download Bridgestone Dogs

522 kb
Download Cel Phone

2,057 kb
Download Hotel Key

2,543 kb
Download Directions

1,682 kb
Download Dog Foot

2,577 kb
Download Fertility Clinic

1,431 kb
Download Watching Chicks

2,210 kb
Download Home Repair

2,128 kb
Download How Men Screw Up Romance

529 kb
Download Ice Scraping

1,008 kb
Download Impact Wrench

1,887 kb
Download Indecent Proposal

995 kb
Download Cat on you car?

1,235 kb
Download Lady Sitters

1,231 kb
Download Last Beer

824 kb
Download Whats That Smell?

1,730 kb

Download Moble Phone

1,613 kb
Download Mom Says Ok

380 kb
Download Safe Sex PSA

862 kb
Download the Smartest Kid In Class

2,368 kb
Download Ice Fishing